I grew up in Sweden with a "serial remodeling" mother!
I learned a lot from being in the mist of things like when my parents purchased a 105 year old house and renovated it from the ground up! We had a great room and open floorplan (before it was a cool). Mom was a master at keeping some of the old charm, like exposing the old brick wall in the kitchen dining area and exposing some of the old beams that were more like logs! 

My grandfather was a contractor and builder of custom homes, and a cousin was a well known architect in Stockholm, it's in my genes to remodel and improve spaces!

After visiting USA during a summer vacation,  I came back to go to school here and I have an interior design degree along with a 3 year economics degree from Sweden. 


I  love what I do by taking space and transforming it to fit the needs and wants of my clients. I have several repeat clients that when they either "upsized or downsized" they have called on me to help them with their next home. I have been fortunate to work closely with architects as well, so we can make some adjustments if needed before it is being built. It's a lot easier and cost effective to change things while it's on paper vs. built!
I am an Orange County based Designer, who pride myself on a diverse portfolio. I believe in teamwork for a great outcome, by working closely with the homeowner, architect, contractor and installer. 
I will listen to your vision and do everything in my power to create it exactly as you see it.  I can work to strict deadlines or take on longer term projects that involve deeper thought.
Contact me to discuss your vision, and to arrange a meeting. 
I look forward to meeting with you!